Top 10 Questions

Top 10 Questions

What kind of videos?


Here are some of the most common (and not so common) examples of what you can have producers on Crowdeo make for you:


Home Video Editing

Home Video Editing

Submit some of your holiday footage or photos and get our producers to mash it up into a video to show at your next family gathering


Online tutorial screencasts

Online Tutorials and Screencasts

The easiest way to explain things is to show them with a video.  Online businesses can have videos made to explain how you do business, while teachers can have video tutorials made up for their students.


Music videos

Music Videos

Let your fans show their support by helping to produce your next music video clip.  Just upload your song and let your music inspire some video creativity.


Virals and advertising

Virals and Advertising

Need to sell a product or  just want millions of hits on YouTube? Work with Crowdeo producers to create video adverts that spread.


Voice overs

Voice Overs

Do you have a script and just need someone to read it for you?  Upload your script and get it read by voices from all over the world.


Soundtracks and Audio

Soundtracks and Audio

Do you already have a video and just need some music or audio to accompany it?  Our music producers are able to deliver exactly what you need.


Translations and Scripts


Scripts and Translations

When you already have a video/music and just need some script writing to be done, or when you just need languages translated - our international producers are at your service.


Concepts, storyboard and ideas

Concepts, Ideas and Storyboards

When you're just starting out and need some ideas to steer you in the right direction.  Let our creative producers deliver you exciting ideas from all over the world


How much does it cost?


Crowdeo provides a cost effective process to meet your video production needs, especially when  compared to using traditional production agencies.


For Producers, it's FREE to submit a pitch to a project.


For Buyers, it costs $20 + 5% of the budget being offered.  


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you get what you pay for, or your money back!


The following is a description of the fees for posting a project on Crowdeo:


Fee Description How much?
Listing Fee Flat fee for posting a project $20
Handling Fee % fee to cover costs of funds transfers 5%
Sponsoring Fee Cost per day to draw more attention to a project $1 per day

Why would I use Crowdeo?

There are 2 types of users on Crowdeo - Buyers and Producers.


Buyers - are the people (websites owners, music bands, businesses and individuals) who want to have stuff such as online or offline videos, voice overs etc created. 

You get to specify how much you want to pay - not the other way around.

If you need to have something made, then get onto Crowdeo and post a project to get our Producers working on it for you.


Producers - are the people (video producer, post production editors, voice over artists, copywriters etc) who do the work to create what the Buyers want. 

If you have the skills to create/edit videos or produce voice overs and are looking for work - then sign up to Crowdeo and choose interesting projects that you want to work on.


How does the project process work?

  2. 1. A Buyer posts a project
  4. 2. Producers submit pitches to the Projects
  6. 3. Buyers provide comments and work with Producers to make any revisions to the Pitches
  8. 4. Buyer selects their favourite Pitch and awards the Project
  10. 5. Buyer and Producer signs the 'Transfer of IP' contract
  12. 6. After both parties have signed the contracts, the Buyer can access the 'Award files' submitted with the winning Pitch
  14. 7. Seven (7) days after the contracts have been signed, the Project budget is credited to the Producer's account