About Us




Jay and Tomo are cousins.


Tomo (aka the Tomo-nator) was born in Japan. His dad is Vietnamese and his mother is Japanese.  He moved to the US when he was a wee baby so would consider himself an American.  He now lives in Saigon, Vietnam doing web development and other things that interest him.


Jay (wishes he had a cool alias) was born in Vietnam to Vietnamese parents (wishes he was mix-blood). Jay moved to Australia when he was a wee baby so would consider himself an Australian.  He now lives in London, UK doing just stuff that interests him.


So the story goes something like this...


One day Jay needed a video made.  

Jay wanted someone to make one for him.

He wanted a crowd sourced option because he couldn't afford a professional design, but he couldn't find any.

Jay checked existing crowd source creative websites like 99designs and CrowdSpring and then he Googled, Yahoo'd and Bing'd - all to no avail ... so then Jay went to the Tomo-nator ...


"Tomo I can't find any crowd sourced video websites. Let's make one!"


"Yeah. OK"