How it works for Producers

This page explains how Producers can use Crowdeo to make money producing rich media.  If you're wondering how it works for Buyers, then click here.


Producers are users who are responsible for making the videos for Buyers and are the life-blood of Crowdeo. 


If you are capable of using video production software, can produce voice overs, make music or even translate foreign languages then you can become a Crowdeo Producer too.


To start working as a Producer, simply find a project that interests you then choose the "Make a pitch" option to submit a pitch to the owner of that project.


Step 1.

Browse to find an interesting project


Step 2.

Prepare and submit your pitch to suit the requirements 


Step 3.

Refine your pitch based on comments if required


Step 4.

Get paid when your project is selected as the best